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Welcome! Our mission is simply to provide the most accurate surf forecast available.  We combine our passion for surfing with 35 years of solid wave research, extensive national archives of wave and beach data, and the latest advancements in computing science. The result is an exciting breakthrough in surf forecasting, that uniquely captures the quality of your surfing experience. 


  • Fast and efficient computing techniques predict waves right in the surf zone 
  • Proprietary software continually improves AcuSea forecasts with the latest buoy data
  • Unique surf quality forecast sorts through constantly changing wind, wave, and beach conditions.
  • Insightful map interface to quickly locate the most promising surf breaks over the next 5 days
  • Delivered to you in a concise, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly site!

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Click to read Surfing Magazine's interview with AcuSea Chief Scientist Dr. Jeffrey Hanson


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Our live demos are up and running for your favorite US East Coast and Hawaii breaks. We invite you to give it a spin and provide feedback! 

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Located on the Beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina